The beginning…

So I finally did it, i’m here, i’m in the big wide web for all to see. I’ve been wanting to write a blog for a long time now but just didn’t know what I wanted to write about but one day it just fell in my lap. I realised i’m actually a really good gardener, it’s part skill, part education and part trial and error with a lot of dead plants.

But i evolved, i grew (pardon the pun) into quite the gardener and now i want to share it with you all. I want to share all my tips and tricks and my garden journey with you.  You’ll have to forgive me if i don’t have the latest fancy web designs, i’m not tech savvy and i’m learning as i go, thanks to a platform i stumbled across called wealthy affiliate (check it out here Wealthy Affiliate if you’re interested in building your own website).

Now i’m no gardening expert. I’m self taught and don’t have any professional qualifications but my garden speaks for itself. My friends and family can attest to my skill, mainly because i’m always ramming it in their faces when they visit, i just cant contain my excitement and i desperately need to share it and thats when the idea fell in my lap….blog about it to people who want to have it in their faces, so hear i am….

Thank you for joining me, i can’t wait to grow my website with you all as my gardening family

Happy Gardening



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Samona Nicholls

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