Strawberry Towers- Your Guide To Growing Big Strawberries In Pots

I’m going to be talking to you today about Strawberry towers. I’ll be completely honest-I’ve never made one, but the whole process of using recycled materials to turn it into a funky and effective garden has me absolutely fascinated so I’m going to give it a go and share it with you. Hopefully I’ll be uploading a video of me making my tower for you to see just how easy it really is.

What Is A Strawberry Tower

A strawberry tower is exactly as it sounds-A tower full of strawberry plants. With any luck your tower will spill out with an abundance of big juicy strawberries all year long that will hang all down your tower, not only giving you fresh fruit but giving you a visual sensation you will love as well. An added bonus of growing in a tower is get

ting your juicy strawberries away from those nasty bugs by growing them off the ground.

I guess you could make your tower with just about anything but I’m going to make mine out of old plastic milk crates. Now there’s no need to rush down to your local shops and pinch their milk crates, I don’t advise this at all as the milk man gets a little cranky LOL. Try looking online if you don’t already have access to any, there is so many places you can buy them or you might be lucky enough to find them lying around your local recycling depot. I’ve had mine lying around for years being used as shelves on the wall but I was looking for a new and creative project with them and this is just perfect.

How To Build A Strawberry Tower

You are going to need a few items to build your strawberry tower. Get everything together before you start and it will make the process so much easier for you.


  • Strawberry seeds (seeds will take longer to establish your crate tower but are a lot cheaper), runners or seedlings (if you have a friend or family member with strawberries see if they have any spare runners)
  • milk crates (between 2-4 is best-I’m starting with 3)
  • Landscape fabric (you can get this from your local garden supply store or hardware)
  • a good organic potting soil-Enough to fill your desired amount of crates (working on 1 bag per crate but it won’t be quite that much)
  • scissors or a box cutter
  • tape (preferably duct tape to hold the fabric in place)
  • a watering can or garden hose with a spray attachment



Take your milk crates and line with the landscape fabric. Use a couple of pieces of tape to hold the fabric in place. Fill with the potting soil and gently tamp down making sure there’re no gaps. Use your scissors or box cutter to make an x slit in the side of your crate where you want to plant your strawberry plant. Insert the plant into the new hole and gently push the surrounding dirt to hold it in place, repeat around the crate till all seedlings are gone staggering the plants evenly.

If you are using seeds to start with you will need to get them established in a seedling tray or scatter them on top of your top tower crate. When they are big enough you can thin them out and move the excess to the sides of your tower or to pots till they get bigger. Personally I am going to use seedlings for the sides, seeds on my top crate and I’m’ going to check my strawberry garden to see if I have any runners I can take off to plant in my tower as well.

When you have finished planting out all your crates, stack them on top of each other and give them a nice gentle watering taking care not to wash your plants or seedlings away and not to stack your crates in the wrong order. Place them in a nice sunny location and keep them well watered until all the plants are established. I’m going to prop mine up off the ground to make it even harder for the bugs to get to and eat my strawberries and I might even place a bird net over it too, I’ve been having a terrible battle with a black bird that likes to put holes in all of my strawberries if I don’t get to them before her.

Benefits Of Growing Strawberries

There is so many benefits to growing strawberries. Strawberries contain numerous vitamins and minerals that contribute to a healthy body, There is even evidence that eating strawberries may prevent cancer. It’s a great healthy snack that doesn’t break the bank when it’s grown in your backyard.

When you grow strawberries yourself you know exactly what is in them and just how ‘organic’ they actually are, plus there’s the added benefit of picking them fresh whenever you want to eat them. I can guarantee they are never going to taste as good as when they are just plucked of your plant.

The other benefit of growing your own strawberries is you can make your favourite strawberry accessible to you. NO more heading to the local shops to get your strawberries to take home to find out they aren’t the nice sweet strawberries you are craving. Grow your favourites indoors, outdoors or in your greenhouse, you won’t be disappointed

Tips To Getting Big Juicy Strawberries

  • Plant between temperatures of 10 and 20 degrees Celsius


    Big Juicy Strawberries

  • purchase certified virus free stock
  • provide plenty of sunlight
  • prepare a fertile and well drained soil
  • Give your strawberries plenty of space
  • water well but keeps the leaves as dry as possible
  • mulch around each plant
  • harvest ripe fruit on a sunny afternoon
  • prune after fruiting
  • replace old plants after 3-4 years
  • Try growing Australia giant strawberry super sweet juicy red strawberries from seed

Share Your Creative Strawberry Gardens

Love the idea of a strawberry tower then why not try your very own, I would absolutely love to see your strawberries and see what you have used to create your very own strawberry tower. Why not share a pic in the comments too. If you would like to purchase your own juicy seeds then check out these fantastic Strawberry seeds

Happy Gardening














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