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Hey guys and girls thanks for joining me here at Sam’s Garden. I am super excited to take you on a journey through my garden and show you all my goodies. It’s so great to have like minded people to share my passion for gardening and growing your own food.


My name is Sam and I’m 35 years young. I have a beautiful, loving and supportive partner whom I will soon marry. I also have a beautiful teenage daughter who is 16 going on 35 lol (she certainly gives me a run for my money). My partner and I used to run our own cafe for over 6 years and after a personal family situation we decided to pursue other passions. My partner loves photography so she started her own business called Ally’s Photography, which has really taken off. I was looking into building a website for her and that’s what brought me here to Sam’s Garden Blog (I wanted to practise before I set hers up). We both also have our side hustle businesses that we do for the love of the products. I am a Nutrimetics consultant and my partner is  Scentsy  Consultant but we work them both together. We love being able to share amazing products with people. It gives us the ability to pamper people with great skin care products and then make their house, cars and office smell amazing and it’s a fantastic feeling 🙂 but lets get to the gardening……

I first found an interest in gardening when I was very little. I loved to get out in the dirt and get dirty, I loved planting something and watching it grows but my interest would soon fade and my plants would die and that would be it for a while.

I remember nursing a plant back to life at about 10 years old and feeling so proud of myself to turn the dead brown stems into a lushes green plant that grew me strawberries…it’s only over time I realised that my plant was just dormant due to the seasons and I really didn’t have much to do with its great return to life besides the drink and crushed egg shells I gave it, but nonetheless it started me on my journey to learning what actually does help plants grow….

Every house I have been at has had some sort of vegetable garden, herb garden and the occasional flower garden but none as successful as where I am now. My last house was situated in a cold and windy or really dry and hot town in a gully where the insect population easily outnumbered the people population 100 times over. Not much grew besides grass and weeds so I made it my mission to grow really good lawn and I did grown beautiful lushes green lawn and without even trying really good weeds.

Fast track to now and i’m perfectly situated in what I would call growers paradise. All around me is lots of Farming land with large crops, its not frosty, not dry and minimal bad insects and an abundance of good insects and my garden has gone berserk. I’m harvesting zucchinis as big as my arm every few days, silverbeet, celery, spring onions and capsicums whenever I want to pick them, watermelons bigger than two footballs together and so much more.

Whenever my family and friends come over I am so proud to take them round my garden and show them all my accomplishments, I sometimes think they think ‘oh god not another plant story’ but I cant contain my excitement whenever I create new life or grow my own food. There really is something liberating about being able to grow your own food, and when you realise how easy it is you can become unstoppable….



I used to think if I chucked a few seeds in or plants in, gave them a drink and occasionally fertilised them my plants would grow, and they did somewhat but never anything brag worthy. I never could have done my family’s grocery shopping for the week just by popping out the back to my garden like I can now.

I never realised how important the prep work was, how much time I would need to actually spend to maintain my garden or how much I needed to learn to be a successful gardener. Don’t get me wrong gardening is easy but it does take time, effort and a bit of knowledge.

So many people come around to my place and are astounded by my garden. I love when people come round and say ‘show such-and-such what you’ve done because its amazing’ (I mean who doesn’t like being told they’re pretty awesome at something). But that’s when I realised…I’ve got a real talent here and I can help people while doing something I love, growing gardens and making the world a better place.

Only yesterday I was teaching people how to attract bees to their garden by making a bee hotel or insect hotel and making a bee water bowl and how to make it a fun interactive activity to do with their grandchildren. They thought it was great and I left with a feeling of spreading a good word about how to help our planet and knowing I was also creating quality bonding time in the garden for those future generations PERFECT

So that brings me to my website and my long-winded conclusion on why I want to help people. It makes you feel good, teaches future generations to garden and get back to basics and gets more people eating healthy clean vegetables..why wouldn’t I want to help people!


The goal of my website is to share my tips and tricks on gardening and getting back to basics. I’m no expert and I still say I have a lot to learn but i’m happy to share my knowledge with whomever wants to learn more.

I will cover a variety of topics from vegetable gardening, companion planting, insects, fertilisers and becoming more self-sufficient and I look forward to sharing my garden journey with you and getting your gardens up and growing so you too can feed your families.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Happy Gardening,

Sam Nicholls



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